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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


tuesday the only day that i have for myself in the entire week. i'm so free today that i decided to start a blog. for no rhyme or reason.. just plain bored.

but no, i'm not exactly free. i have tons of things to do in fact.. have to study for my upcoming tests (2 tests this week), find my i/c (dunno where i left it.. darn.) and pack my room (real mess.. as always.).feeling so sick now.. throat hurts. feel like i look like a mess. and stress.. cos tests' coming and i'm not studying. argh.. tink my day sucks. haven been feeling lidat for a long time. mood swing? maybe.. guess its convenient to blame it on PMS.. possible though.but its always comforting to noe that next week is term break!! finally time to take a solid break. i need to 'recuperate', need to go to the beach (sure to soothe me.), need a break desperately.

3 more days to go. must nu li, jia you!! i can do that.. yes, i can.


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