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Monday, November 21, 2005

short break. now back to hiatus.

an "updates" entry for you habitual blog readers who continues to visit this blog despite me saying i'll be taking a hiatus till the twenty-eight. wells.. :)

the most scheming website

if there is anything who has came to replace my abstinence from msn/blog, it will be FLOWERPOD. urgs. i can spend the whole day surfing - looking for things to buy, refreshing the spree page a dozen times a minute, reading up on skincare/cosmetic tips and yea, running out to buy those stuffs after reading all the raves.

so far i only got a benefit dandelion blush (and got rejected for my lip balm/gloss order *sigh*), which i don't know exactly why i am getting since i am never much of a make up person. besides, it cost a freaking S$45 and that's before all the shipping fees i got to pay. but you should have seen how those girls rave about it, makes me lemming for more!!! (i wanna get a georgia too!)

like i have to get that origins mask marvels after exams. and some stila lipglaze, or maybe mac lipglass. and and stock up on my za true white essence masks. not forgetting to start my online shopping spree after exams with xiang!!!

ASOS. Victoria's Secret. Old Navy. Benefit. Perhaps Birkenstocks. Hollister. Abercrombie. girl friends, come join in and we share the shipping, shall we? come come come!!!

you get the drift. that pretty much sums up what i have been doing, besides studying. erm.. in place of studying.

urps. i am one DEAD DUCK. quaaacckkk~

all other things

there was something else i want to blog about but it kind of slip my mind after all the above excitement.




forget it.

anyway, i haven't been studying much. i can't even say i haven't been studying as much as i would like to, that will be a whole lot of meaning apart 'cause i INDEED haven't been studying much, if at all.

and yes, i am in the midst of examinations already. 1 down, 5 more to go.

two on wednesday. one on friday. another one on saturday. and one last one next monday.

i even changed my wallpaper to something that screams for me to study. but didn't help. this is so screwed.

can't wait for hols to come.

i can smell whiffs of it already. :)

ps: i sound like some consumerist/materialist in this post. but i am only being singaporean. ha.

- back to the embrace of the hiatus -


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

2:19 AM  

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