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Friday, January 27, 2006

This is a boring entry.

I just realise today (after months of shopping without keeping track),

I am one broke girl.

My accounts’ dipping dangerously low. Sigh.

And being 21 next month means more frozen funds (the minimum SGD500 thingy in both UOB and POSB). Double sigh.

CNY. Come, come, come.

Next month’s allowance. Come, come, come.

I think I really need to do some form of financial planning.

First thing - I need to wake up earlier to prepare for school so that I stop hailing cabs. Urg.


Loosely related to the above, I have set up a Punctuality Fund (in fact, it should be called just the opposite but punctuality sounds better).

Basically it goes - every time I am late, I save a dollar.
If I am so late that i've to take a cab, that’ll be two buckaroos.

May sounds petty money to you, but think how I can be late two to three times a day at times, I imagine I would be rather rich when the year ends.

Economically speaking,

More S(avings) = Less C(onsumption)

And less C makes a grouchy Qimin.

So, not something desirable at all. (And till date, the piggy bank has been receiving considerable income.)


(Apologies for the lack of flow, but I am jumping topics again.)

Anyway, I met up with sissilicious Sindy on wednesday and I enjoyed it.

Love you, babe. ;)

Pity we didn’t take any photo. (Private joke: 招财进宝。)

Heh. We should do this more often.

And with Jas and Weilin! Where’s our MJ session!? -_-"


Haven't gotten my new year clothes. Can't decide to dye my hair or not (though appointment's fix today). Horrendously lagging in school. Getting fat (and lazy to exercise). Ugly complexion.

I've so much to rant these days.

I need a getaway.

Faith. Fate. Me: Ctrl-F5.


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