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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

a brand NEW day!! =)

school starts at 2pm today!! love it!!! tink NUS wee bit too far. how come all the uni are like so west-based? but good aso la.. save the east side to be the happening and good looking side!! haha.. happens to be where i am for the past 19 yrs!!

feeling so much better today. throat healed (not as i expected but good!!) and no more mood-swing. studies.. aiya.. no pt stressing myself up. just study what i can for the time being! yeah.. i'm back to the old me!!! stay optimistic. LIFE IS GREAT, GREAT TO BE ALIVE! but neck hurts.. probably cos of the ICM (information and communication management) IF1101E webcast i just attended. that lecturer is damn lame. but one of my nicest lecturer-cum-tutor so far.. makes otherwise dead life at NUS more interesting. haha..

wednesday.. 2 more days to pia. after that, its time to have lotsa FUN. meet up with frens.. my 26/02 peepz!!! (esp. sindy, jasmyn, weilin,.. actually all of them!), UG!!! (the usual ppl? heh..), starhub temp ppl!!! (xiang xiang, dorkie, and yiyi.. though i see her ard NUS alot!).

till then, all of ya take care and jiayou. all stuck in this stupid education system but lets make the best out of it.


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