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Friday, December 02, 2005

freedom never feels this good.


Apologies I am away longer than I say I would. So exams ended on the 28th and I have been going out so much, I am so drained that I have no energy to do anything else at all by the time I reach home everyday (and that includes tidying my war-torn room.. double urps).

Collin is out with his ATEC friends to Sentosa – again! Time off for myself, so it’s all good. I am aching from the night jogging we had yesterday, all thanks to my dormant lifestyle during horrid exams. But it’s all overrrr, and I am so glad it is.

Have been rather complacent this finals. Partly ‘cause I was doing so well throughout the CA (to my disbelief). Hopefully whatever I screwed this finals will be pulled up by my CA grades. In any case, I only have to face the consequences one month (?) later. Oh, and for the records, Collin promise a good treat if I get 3 As out of the 6 modules I am taking. Lalala, we’ll see.

Been shopping and spending extravagantly, but I am loving it. Haha. The result is a dwindling account, and I’ve been thinking of ways to make some moolahs to feed my squandering acts.

(Xiang, let’s be entrepreneurs! Hahaha. We are singing the same tune every hols.)

Don’t intend to work this hols, and these are the list of things I set out to do this December:

- Take up driving lessons.
- Learn photoshop.
- Tone up those flabs.
- Get a tan.
- Earn some money.
- Shopping!!!!

Girls, mango sale is rumoured to be on the 15th of this month. Are you ready for the action?




(before our haircut at Essensuals.)


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