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Saturday, January 28, 2006


So I bet everyone is having their reunion dinner around this time.

It’s 1930 and my sis ain’t back so we couldn’t start having the dinner and consequently, commence on our once-a-year mahjong session.

I want to play MJ, MJ, MJ, MJ, MJ!!!

It’s CNY in a few hours time (HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!) and bad news is: I still do not have anything to wear tmr.

Have been out scouting the last few days and couldn’t find anything I like. And it is until this afternoon that I finally decided to get this black Topshop thighs (not your aunt-ish thighs, it’s niceee), and the shops have either closed or have ran out of it. To think I rushed to four different Topshop(s) in all.

Kill me, somebody.

Collin’s been with me on my hunting trip these few days and while he has been patient, I don’t think he enjoys it very much, if at all. (I don’t expect myself to enjoy it if I have to go round for a few days looking for his stuffs anyway.) Furthermore, he doesn’t see the significance of wearing new clothes on CNY day itself. So…

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
(I don’t think you read my blog though.)

I have to say - wearing new stuffs IS tradition in my family and it’s really down to the details. New lingerie. New pyjamas. New clothes. New bag. New shoes. New everything.

I’ve got the pyjamas. I’ve got the shoes. I’ve got the bag. I’ve got a few random new tops (but with no bottoms to match). It’s just not complete. So, this Year of the Dog, I am kind of breaking tradition.

And I feel sad. (Though it isn’t very rational to be.)

Wokay, sister’s back and mommy’s screaming for me now.

Food, then MJ!!!! Whoopee!!


Time now is 2310. I have finished the meal and also the MJ session.

Didn’t get to publish this entry earlier ‘cause mum was really screaming for us to eat.

So I lost SGD1.50.

Talk about using your time productively. Heh.


Good luck to all you seasonal gamblers out there!!! And collect loads of (fat) ang baos!!

Here's a time where you'll be glad you're single (read: unmarried). ;)


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