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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Feeling rather overwhelm tonight, somehow.

I am starting to accept the fact I am the epitome of indecisiveness.
But some things I set my eyes on and I will never take my eyes off that goal.
Like wanting to work in events.

I also think I have a rather huge ego.
And the fact that I am happy with where I currently am doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Like feeling bitter about being rejected by SMU, though I really enjoy NUS Arts.

And I can’t seem to escape from the fact I am Piscean, i.e. think a lot.
Even though I try not to subscribe to that dumb list of traits.
Like having a dependable loving boyfriend and still pondering over non-issues.

The thing is I still love myself very much. Bwah. I mean we have to learn to love ourselves before we can start loving others, isn’t it?

This leads me to another issue – unintended but relevant.

I'm really serious when I say this: Don’t let anyone put you down.
I hate it when it happens. I hate it when someone does that to my friends.

See. I may be indecisive, have a huge ego, thinks too much, am very forgetful and yes, am constantly not punctual – do you guys love me all the same?

I am taking silence (haha) as a yes.

So yea, you may be this and that and this and that. And it doesn’t matter because I love you all the same. And so do the other people around you.

Don’t let someone make you feel you are a lesser human. To err is human. What’s the big deal as long as you make an effort to remedy the situation upon realization?

Lastly, what’s the key in relationships?

In my opinion, it’s mutual respect. Think over.

(Hidden messages to random people. It might just be you. Haha. Urps.)


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