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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flamers, keep out.

Before I get started on the Hong Kong pics, let’s talk a lil about flamers. People who have nothing better to do but get on people’s blogs, leaving the most audacious remarks under the cloak of anonymity.

Take a chill pill and while you are at it, get a life!

Look, we can’t please everyone and it is neither our intention to please everyone. Allow me to raise the cliché – it’s our blogs and we as the sole owners of the blogs should be allowed to say and do whatever we want (legal stuffs, of course).

I mean if you don’t like whatever you read or see, then don’t read/look at it. I don’t know about some people, but I would get my ass out if a particular site doesn’t go down well on me. Or maybe it is simply inherent in some human beans to jump at people the moment one deviates from the “norm”.

Question is, do we all need to be so politically correct?

I never had my share of flamers, until we started Little Red Heels.

The latest went,
“another graduates setting up diy sites. u guys have a cert right?
this market is saturated enuf already.
the others are just trying to earn some allowances.
what abt u guys?”

Erm, ok. We are UNDERgrads alright. We have certs!! Oohh.. PSLE, 'O' levels and 'A' levels!! (See what I mean by people who enjoy jumping on people so much that they read what they want to read and not what is written.)

Disclaimer: We decided to be nice to this person 'cause she possibly misread it and might be some avid supporter of undergrads' works. Benefit of a doubt ya.

Then the latest saga on a fellow online accessories store. People slamming the poor girl for selling this particular necklace at 99 buckaroos when hello, the necklace was on a bidding system. You know, bidding? So what’s so wrong with that? (I’m still trying to figure.)

When demand meets supply, everyone is a happy person. Apparently, not good enough for some people.

Pegs’ blog got hit by some flamer recently too (which I presume with so many considerate people around, the trash should all be duly picked up and toss out of the beautiful garden already).

Then we have those classic epitomes of “being constantly flame-d” – Xiaxue, Daphne (pinkshoefetish), Dawn Yang, Tammy, etc. I ain’t saying some of them don’t ask for it but if they don’t meet your frequency, then maybe you should seek your wavelength elsewhere.

I guess this post won’t knock any sense into these people. Never ever will. But hell, I do feel better.

Btw, they didn’t tell you being angry makes you age faster? Urps.. such a shame.


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