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Saturday, July 22, 2006

TKBand is dynamite.

Our fifth consecutive win at SYF. Not just Gold but yes, the Best Display Band Award. (Yours truly is very proudly to be in the batch that scored that first two wins.)

Did they think we are kidding when we claim that we are the best band in the land? We are the best, in every sense of the word(s). Heh.

Too bad I wasn't able to make it to both the April and July competitions this SYF, but my spirit was with the band and it always will. Did they feel it?

Some things changed, but the TKBand blood that flows through us remains - till the very day we die. I remember the lessons Mr Siao taught us.

One thing, I am glad we stayed true to ourselves. A usual good round of instrument gimmick. I think I saw a series of Ks (kaleidoscope formations) in it. And yesss, no fancy dancers (thank goodness)!!

Here goes, the Best Band in the Land - TKBand:

I miss my french horn.
I miss doing drills.
I miss that feeling of togetherness.
I miss my section - the hornies.
I miss the band.

Band... Everytime you go on a battle, you have the blessings of all 40 (and counting) batches in front of you. Maybe that's what makes us "undefeatable". :)


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