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Friday, June 02, 2006

And your answer is...

There are so many past happenings to update I don’t know where to start. Serve me right for not blogging consistently. Urg. You can only blame D*D*B for over-working me.

Heh. Actually, it isn’t that bad.

The company culture is kind of family oriented and people are mostly nice. I enjoy my team a lot, and have fortunately landed in a team where the boss is all goodness and fatherly. Plus the fact they feed me really well (as you can very well observe from my chubbier cheeks and widening waistline), I am not complaining.

The interns are a really fine and dandy lot. It’s true – most of us are there to pursue a dream, not to cut each other’s throats so as to clinch THAT job position and the $2000 cash. (Though like I mentioned before, I don’t mind the latter at all. Heh. Someone sponsor my Hong Kong trip please?)

In a nutshell, good vibes though I can’t really say for sure when I head on to creative in about a week’s time. Grr, I can’t do copywriting for nuts, unless they do not mind elementary English and long long sentences – something I am very fond of doing.

Work aside. You can read more in my D*D*B blog though you will then have to spare my political correctness. It is for their eyes anyway at the end of the day. You get me.

FYI: They are really serious about using the blogs as one of the judging criteria. Which is strange really. If I ain’t blogging, it could only meant that I am slogging my heart and soul away and have no time nor energy at the end of the day. So you can see I am working so very hard ‘cause I have only er, 6 posts to date and I’ve been there for nearly 3 weeks already. Haha.

Okay, something outside of work.

Fill in the sentence.
May’s an awesome month because…

I'll blog about all in due time, but let me know which happening you are most interested in and I shall blog about it first!

So take a pick,

what is your final answer?


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