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Saturday, June 10, 2006

(b) It's our sixth year anniversary.

I think I made record by not blogging for one full week. But I figured that my dear friends will all be busy working so surely, I would be forgiven for saying that I will blog SOON (note: subjective term) but never got down to it.

Work’s been busy, busy. And there are more days than I like where I have to drag my weary shell home and promptly concuss thereafter. That’s agency life for you. :)

I'm halfway through my time at an advertising firm and it’s been an eye opener. I love my time there. Yes, despite shitty tasks and questionable characters. I came to realise my greatest draw to advertising wasn’t the work, but the nature of the work. Everyday, I meet people with life and perspectives that intrigues me and to my surprise, are more than willing to share some life experiences with you.

There are so much I can take away with me at the end of the internship and that’s what I intend to do in my remaining four weeks – to be like a sponge and soak it all up. After all, how often do you get a chance to work in an advertising MNC. I count my blessings.

So yea, work talk aside. Because you asked for it, here’s what we did on our sixth anniversary.

Actually, it is sadly the least interesting of the list. 19th May this year happens to be a Friday so poor me had to work. All we could manage was a dinner after I knocked off. And because no one had any plans for the day, we wandered to Marina Square in search of a nice restaurant and ended up at Azabu Sabo.

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The food came after what seems like a zillion years and disappointingly, was just alright to our taste buds. Service wasn’t fantastic either, probably because they were too busy but wells, this doesn’t really count as an excuse. (Service line, uh huh?)

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Because unfulfilling meal = unhappy customers. Collin and I deliberately walked down the long queue formed outside and said aloud, “THE FOOD NOT VERY NICE HOR, ALRIGHT ONLY RIGHT?” (repeat till end of queue)

Heh. Childish I know. This is called customer feedback, okay.

Check out what Collin gave me! Muahaha, a bling bling sequined Mary Janes. Love it!!

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I am just sad that after a few wears, the sequins at the pointed tip are starting to fall off. Must be the damn PC show. It’s damn squeezy and people kept stepping on my toes. But at least I am happy to be buying a 1gb SD card finally, for a cheap cheap $34. Pathetic as it sounds, I realised I’ve been living on a 128mb SD card since my first Casio cam. I always thought it was a 256mb (which is still pathetic).

I’ve digressed. And so a walk around Suntec and that pretty much sums up the day. Very not interesting for an anniversary I know. Don’t even ask me what I gave him because it was really a pathetic gift. I am a terribly poor person now. Boo.

My gift: Pathetic. Cheap. But embedded with deep meaning.

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