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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

If I have wings..

Sometimes, life gets so busy that you wonder who you are doing all this for.

I am not whining. I am just tired and I’ll be fine if I go to bed, like now.

Most of the time I hope for more time – just a little more time to do a little more of whatever I like (and detest).

Anyhow, Pebs seems to be having her first heat (or period/menstruation in human terms). Decreased appetite and increased moodiness aside, she have picked up a new habit. SHE LOVES HUMPING MY ARM.

Omg. Whatever happen to my little puppy? She doesn’t do it in rapid motion like how male dogs do (eeks). But slow continuous motion with a frequency of 1 hump per second. Obviously a newbie in this and I am trying all means to break her out of this real BAD habit.

Like smacking her butt when she does. (She’ll stop for a while and do it seconds later.)
And asserting to her that she is F for FEMALE (in human terms nonetheless so I think she is not getting it).

Oh wells. Sometimes I wonder who's the master and who's the dog.

Here’s an analogy. Daughter in her room busy with some work. Father comes home to visit dog in the midst of a busy business day. Father asks daughter to come out of the room to accompany the dog.

Oh wells. I am losing my foothold in the family. Haha.

I was thinking the other day, to finish up my degree without honours, i.e. graduation by end of next semester. Apply for a stewardess job (and expect to be accepted). Fly around and see the world for two to three years (and expect to be worldlier as a result). Then quit and do what I always wanted to do – events.

I mean I rather have some experience out there, be it relevant or not, than to jump straight into an events job knowing nuts and picking everything up from ground zero.

Just a thought. Let’s see if it works out. Goodnight, world. :)


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