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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006, Hello 2007!! :)

Dear Sissy Bird,

I am perplexed. What are the odds that a mouthful of vodka can cause a mild case of rashes on my arms? Or am I just allergic to alcohol? (Heh.)

Billabong Poh

P.S. It was just a mouthful of vodka and a mug of beer. I think I s*ck. :)


Whee. And this will be the last post of 2006. A jolly good farewell.
Of course, there must have been some milestones this year.
But not too many great ones I must say. And none too worthy to mention.
I am only glad this year is over, seriously.

Met up with Sindy darling yesterday and the catching up session winded up at St James for some reason. I am not much of a night life person but I know better than to wear Havaianas to places like these. Blah, that's how unexpected it is. But it was fun, with Sissssy around!! :)


Someone asked what do I like to do. Offhand, I always do not have the right answer. I replied "shopping?" anyhow. I must have sound like some kind of bimbo but that's what I do anyway right - shop offline, shop online and even manages my own online shop.

Then the same person went on to ask what do I like to do at night. So as usual, without the right answer offhand, I go "I don't have much of a night life". Immediately I realised how wrong that sounds - too brutally honest. Maybe something along the line of "I am not so much of a night life person" will be good. Both of which is true but the latter sounds way better. Blah, whatever.

I think "what do you like to do" is one of the most difficult question ever. (Or is it just me?) Tag me!! and tell me what do you like to do?

Here's my attempt during my DDB days (really cliche but this is the profile section for the blog alright so gimme a breakie):

The question that people love to ask, "What are your interests?"

Cliché and over raised, it still catches me off guard each time and I do not have an answer to that. I don’t sing. I hardly dance. I don’t draw well. There ain’t a particular sport I subscribe to.

But yes, I love being active. I would love to try a bit of everything. If I can choose, I would love to be Little Miss Sunshine.

I am a girly person, not as in pink and cuddly soft toys, but shopping (oh glorious shopping!). And this is where I develop my strong sense of what’s nice, what’s not.

I adore meeting people, and love myself better when I open up.

It’s not the interests that define me. It’s who I am - not what I do - and that will be for you to find out.

(shudder a lil) But that was like my best attempt?


Come that very last 10 seconds of this year, 2007 will be started on a clean slate! For a lot of my girly peers, 2007 should be quite a year with all that graduation going on. I'm praying it'll be a greatt one for all of us! :)

For me, I've been thinking alot about my career (or job) options after graduation (which is like in 5 months time). I still see myself wanting an events job, and at the same time, considering the upcoming SIA interview real hard. The contigency plan has always been the recruit agency job which my agent once offered (though I don't know if the offer still holds), not exactly something of my interest but definitely a ground where I can start building my network.

4th option: Heh. This don't really count. But my dad has offered to invest in my "fashion" business, i.e. Little Red Heels, if I am interested to expand it beyond. I appreciate that. We'll see but I doubt so. LRH is a shared interest of Xiang and I, possibly sustainable but I am not too sure if this is what we want.

It's this interest (events) vs money (SIA, recruit) vs exposure (SIA) thing right now. I think I should start scrutinising the recruitment pages to widen my options.

Go go goooo!! Have fun tonightttttt!!
It's the NEW YEARRRR!!!

Love love.


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