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Thursday, September 16, 2004

last test to go before term break!!

yep!! its EL test tmr then comes my :::term break!!!::: happy.

hmm.. kinda screw up my ICM test today. crappable but my points just aren't there or are so disorganise. sian. blame it on not studying and lagging behind. but glad its over! a load off moi mind.. and now.. just have to focus on my EL and do the catching up of the rest next week?? hee.. i beta. *fings-X*

collin just called and said he'll be booking out tmr!! good news.

things are looking up.. just when i was tempted to conclude today as a bad day after doing not-so-goodly for my ICM test, missing my bus (again! and having to wait 10 minutes for the next to come) and buying MILK sandwich crackers when i wanted CHEESE sandwich crackers (can't blame me ya.. the packaging was the same!!! exactly.. so i only miss by one word. darn..)

and another good news, my last 2 baby hammies got adopted finally. glad they found themselves a home!! they are so cute but having my mummy and daddy puddings are enuf for me le. can't take in so many hammies as much as i would looove to. (refer to pic!! this one's my fave. looks like a sapphire, just like my late ah fat, wukong, princess and ah blind.)

k la.. shall end here. must hurry go study for my EL test already. though i'm in hols-mood already. la la la la la...


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