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Thursday, December 08, 2005

thoughts of the day.

ram my head against the wall.

i am so dumb. my memory is deteriorating at bullet speed. i must be ageing. sigh.

i've forgotten all about the module preference exercise - and not doing it equals to having to bid for ALL my modules next semester. (it's ok if you don't understand. just let me rant.) bah. i hope they don't cost too much, efforts and points wise. shite head me.


haven't achieve much the last few days. been staying home 99% of the time. it's holidays!! this is so loser-ish.

partly 'cause Collin's been busy busy busy with his "work" (or so he has been calling it. do you consider that work? obligation sounds more like it) and mainly 'cause of my cranky back, which is on the road to recovery btw (haven't been too religious with taking of the medicine, seriously, it taste so so so soo bad).

driving lessons have yet to start. the instructor is one busy man. with my back condition, i doubt i can do da' thing anyway. so we'll see. i want to, and will start the lessons before school starts in any case.

the only thing that i have been doing was trying to master photoshop. some of the things i tried to do the last coupla' days:

(we'll make excellent starhub models. hee.)

and in the attempt to recreate my blogskin, i photoshop-ped this:

to this:

not very well done i must say. still very much amateurish. but i am trying to grasp the ART and till date, am enjoying it. skills acquisition is good.

recent events has set me thinking about money, or rather, the value of money. i have been living like it wasn't a problem. perhaps it really wasn't for now. but there always is a tomorrow. there are some people out there slaving their lives to meet minimum. there is really much more than material acquisitions and the works.

the last sentence's probably ain't really me. perhaps you don't really get what i mean. i guess i need to give it more of a thought to bring my point across.

one thing i am sure is that i should really be studying hard, graduate, get a good job and make good bucks. i don't want to just live, i want to live comfortably and afford the luxuries. i don't know what that makes me. i have seen how difficult it is to live in singapore when you have little financial backing and that is not how i will live my life.

side note: thanks xiang and jackie for the c*ahem*e. cs2 is great though i don't really know what's the difference between it and cs. so do you think it is safe to delete my cs version now?


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