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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I got it! Woohoo..

Eeee-Hahhh!!! Good news!!!

From: XXX@sg.d*d*b.com
To: Poh Qimin [u0400690@nus.edu.sg]
Subject: Congratulations! You have been selected.


You have been hand-picked to take part in our exclusive 2006 D*D*B Apprentice Program starting from 15 May 2006.

Kindly find attached - the 2006 D*D*B Apprentice Program booklet, do print out a copy and devour it if you can!

(The rest of the details are for me to savour – nah, mainly internship details.)
I applied to 2 companies for my summer holiday internship – one advertising and one events. I also procrastinated applying for another two event companies.

Now I need to apply no more.

Nailed the advertising one at D*D*B Worldwide Pte Ltd.


(And momentarily happy about being SEVERELY underpaid.)


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