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Monday, October 09, 2006

Embracing life as an SG undergrad.

You know it is more than a decent sleep you need when you start doing things like walking into walls. Much worse when those are the very same walls you past by on a daily basis for the past fifteen years.

I am expecting to see a nasty bruise on my left shin tomorrow. It is feeling weird when bent already. Great. :
I mean all I ask was a brief getaway. Like Sentosa sounds good enough to me. The plans, very unfortunately, were first disrupted by the heavy rain last weekend, then by pressing project deadlines plus suffocating haze this weekend. Grrr.

It’s near 1am now and I need to go off to finish up some project work. Wokay, that’s life as a Singaporean undergrad.

I shall begin my biannual embracement of books/projects/notes/more notes!! *force a smile* For a start, I shall attempt to share trivia that I picked up from the many read ups I have to do.

Something you only learn in books #1:

According to the annual survey conducted by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) in 2005, 66% of the households are found to have access to the Internet at home. (That ranks us #14 according to this website.)

Of the 66% of the households aforementioned, nine in ten households in private housing had access to the Internet at home compared to about six in ten households for public housing.

Woot! Let’s hope the moral obligation* to blog will get me motivated to study.

(*I say moral obligation because I realise I still have a regular group of people who faithfully check this blog day after day even though I don’t blog that often anymore. Thank you, lovelies. I try, huh.)

Keep missing me. I am missing you guys too and will do massive catching up when all these shit is done. (Like when? Don't ask.)

And oh, I sound whiny and all. But I am really okay! Charge on, you guys, with whatever worth putting a fight for. Love. :)


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