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Monday, January 15, 2007

Change me inside out!

Number of times I wanted to blog in the past week: 547

I really wanted to blog, trust me! Collin thinks I lack self-discipline (which I agree, oh wells) and totally condemns me for that. But things are just beyond me sometimes (like my cranky stone age printer which takes 3 minutes to print out a single page).

Tsk. I need to change I know. Let that be the new year resolution!
(Friends who are giving the what's-new look now, gotcha! Gimme a teeny weeny 2nd 3rd 4th another chance please! Heh.)

I am also fickle and the consequence of this "fickleness" is that I am taking 6 modules this semester, just IN CASE I want to go for honours. Madness you think! Especially in the sea of all these level 3000 and 4000 modules. Blah. I think you guys will be seeing me less than you did last semester. (I know most of you aren't seeing me around last semester already.) :(

Qimin needs to charge onnnnnnn here! Have I ever mentioned that there are some people in my department who are so smart that I hold my breath when they speak? They say things so intellectual (and so intellectually) that I feel like I have nothing clever to chip in. No kidding!

So you see, I am so looking forward to honours year. Sigh.


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