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Saturday, September 18, 2004

running day! (*pants*)

went for a run today with dar in the morning at some park near his hse. collin will tink its a jog, not run, cos he's following my pace. but i'm so -_-" i thot i'm going to die running. oh my goodness.. where's the 'physically very fit' qimin (heh.. according to our napfa sheets. rmbr..)? i tink.. i have to keep fit!! exercise more regularly so that i dun pant that much climbing NUS stairs and uphills. build up my metabolism so i can eat more and gain less fats. tone up my otherwise flabby bits. haha. must jiayou on that definitely!! let it top my priority list..
going east coast park with dar tmr. he's so into running nowadays. he's telling me to cycle and he runs, so that it's more kick for him. bottomline is.. cos i run slow. :( haha.. but anyway.. based on my fitness level, i dun tink i can run tmr anymore. heh.. spare me sia.
after the run/jog/whatever, went for mac breakfast. been so long since i last ate it. and surprising, there's still eggs and prices are the same. haha.. and oops.. suppose to meet my insurance agent to sign some documents at my hse but i completely forgot bout her. so she had to come down from god noes where to the mac at bedok reservoir specially for me to sign the documents. sincere apologies.. how can i forget.. tsk. $ nv comes easy la.. heh.

watch windstruck VCD at collin's hse. cried like crazy. dun understand y koreans like to make life so difficult and always prefer a sad twist to anything else.. its a ok show for VCD standards. in the cinema? its a waste of $$ i tink. cos its ok only. the female main character is very pretty but i prefer her not opening her mouth that much and remain looking like a timeless beauty.

went to the DA PAI DAN at somerset, tried the chay kway teow, bbq chix wings and coconut. all tasted ok except for the coconut.. taste so bland and not cold at all. costs me a solid 3 bucks for that. when did coconut become so ex (and someone cut my queue. yeks.)? chix wings is recommended though.. very juicy. hmm.. yum yum.
oh ya.. and i met jas at lido by chance!! miss her so much. saw her with aaron. she's pretty standard.. the usual roxy gal get up. haha. but still looking good. hope to meet up with the rest soon too. but she's so busy now.. SMU got lotsa projects to do apparently. but great to noe she's doing fine there.

i reach home damn shagged. alli can do is lie on my bed and reach out for my laptop and started all the MSN talks.
SIndy: liangwei's in taiwan. army stuff. haha.. sindy got lil work up with all the R&R thingy. i can understand since men have earn themselves such bad reputation (not all but majority?) and taiwan gals are thot to be easy. collin's going taiwan end of this year. all i can say... dun tink too much. if he'll stray, he will. as long as u trust him, nothing else matters. see, i'm trying hard to psycho myself too. haha. had asked sindy to be my cheerleader and repeat all that i've said to her to me when collin is in taiwan. ha.. just a note here: go ahead and stray, ppl.. hope you are well protected agst AIDS though.. oops.. i'm so mean.
QX: troubled with love. letting go is not easy but well.. love is nv easy isnt it? still, i'll support ya if you wanna go ahead and pursue love cos i noe it sucks to live in regrets. love is such incomprehensible stuff.

k la.. tink thats bout it. i gotta go slp and its off to ECP tmr!! yeah.. anyway, tmr (190904) we have been together for 52 mths (4yrs 4mths). pretty long.. many more to come i hope. in ur words, let nature takes its course. ya?
*happy birthday to you!*
poof! outta here.. take care to all the ppl i love, treasure, and miss so much.


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