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Sunday, December 18, 2005

AJC 26/02 class gathering.

Call me vain. Call me paranoid.

The only thing I could think of doing when I stepped into my house was to bathe and more importantly, to cleanse my face (!!!). So now, when some people are still on the road, I am already lying on my bed (Gmail checked. Tags replied. Fp replies read.) and waiting for the facial mask to dry before I can peel all the dirt and the grime off.

So today’s JC class gathering has been uber fun. I laughed so hard my back is acting up again. But it’s all worth it ‘cause boy, are they funny.

(Actually their humour was erm.. average and probably leaning towards being lame more often than not. But because every time they opened their mouth to say something, I would anticipate it to be funny so everything un-funny becomes tremendously hilarious. I laughed to everything, erm, almost. Easily amused, as Huiling, or was it Pearlyn, calls it.)

Anyway, while packing up, I made a conclusion: we are never having a bbq again. It was fun and all that. But it wasn’t exactly my ideal to get all smelly and sweaty, and to get my oil glands working at full force and speed.

One word. Unglam.

So perhaps next time (if there is), we can have a nice steamboat. Or maybe a potluck. At a conducive environment where we can all talk and play stupid card games (Tortoise is the “best” game ever), and yes, with air conditioning.

Goodness gracious.

I am not so of an au naturel girl. As I aged, nature doesn’t work for me (except nice beaches of course). I hate creepy crawlies. Cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes make me (feel) itchy.

Anyway, just a preview to the pictures we took today. I'll post up more after I collected the pictures from twins and Huiling.

The only girls who could make it today.

Our groupie.

Click on the above group picture for a larger view. Those who don't know who Choonkee is, look at the guy in maroon, on the back row extreme right. There is this blob thing on his forehead. At first glance, it looks like a soccer ball (to me) and at closer scrutiny, Choonkee says it looks like a face. I am so freaked now!! Eeks..

Gonna wind up now, to remove my mask.

In case you don't receive my sms, here's the note from your one and only organiser (who'll be glad to step down and let someone else take over):

Hey people,
thanks for making this gathering yet another success!
I enjoyed it! Hope you do too.
For those who din turn up, you're missed!
Hopefully we get to do this again
and next time with everyone turning up.
That's all. Good night to all. :)


You know what pushes me on?

All that lovely thank you messages I get each time we come to the end of the gathering. Makes me feel.. it's all worth the while.

Not forgetting a "well deserved" ride home. Haha. Special thanks, you know who you are.

Out. :)


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