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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A partial UG meetup.

Met up with Fang, Geo and Meiqi today and despite my constant self-reminder not to make unnecessary splurge, I did it again. Urps.

I bought the Stila lipglaze in watermelon even though I already bought 2 Shiseido lipglosses during its recent sales.

The Devil says: "But it is of a different shade and it is super hyped in flowerpod, so must be good."

Then we went over to Bebe and there was this 15% storewide sale going on. And so, I got their basic tee – the logo tee with the *bling bling*. Minutes after payment, I am already regretting getting it in pink (with pink diamantes) when I really set out to buy the classic black piece. All because everyone, including the SA, says to buy the pink one and I caved in.

The Devil says: "But it’s on sale now – so it’s now or never."

So the above buys pretty much conclude this year, or so I hope.

I am determined not to go for the MNG sale tmr, after discussions with Geo and Xiang. While I will be sad thinking of all the good buys I’m so going to miss out, I’ll be even more depressed looking at my financial status if I were to go and buy, buy, buy.

So some self restrain please.

I am so so sooo looking forward for January to come. (Read: allowance plus CNY red packet money.) Please come soon!! It doesn't even matter if that means school will start very soon.

Enough said. Some candies (haha) for your eyes*:

Fang, me and Geo.

At the Stila counter where I took eons to decide between getting the lipglaze in watermelon, passion fruit or fruit punch.
(Check out the shades on my hand.)

While i choose, they photo-whored away.

Bad aiming skills and a lazy me (to crop photos) - but they all look sweet here, dunch ya' think?

Me and Geo.

You don't realise how much Meiqi has slimmed down until she volunteered to model the tops for me ('cause I can't decide - as usual). She basically shrinked and is officially one size smaller than me. WTH.
(Anyway, she is now itching to buy the above black tee after trying. Haha. Buy, buy, buy!!)

Fang and Geo (who is wearing a yellow Bebe if you didn't notice - but she bought it earlier).

I am only loading this picture because Blogger is running extremely fast at this point in time and I thought it is a nice photo even though Fang has her face cut by half.
(We look happy. We are.)

(And me with the classic black piece I didn't buy. Urg.)

*Most photos courtesy of Geo's latest gadget, N70. I still prefer the yellow-ness of my Casio Exilim.

That's about it. It is 3:25 AM now. Oh gosh, my acne problem's never going to recover at my highly irregular sleep pattern. Good night all.

Or was it good morning?


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