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Friday, December 09, 2005

goodbye to my yellow sunkiss lady.

yep, new skin.

and a narcissistic one at that. haha.

was watching this taiwanese talk show [tao se dan bai zi] the other day and was inspired by the backdrop of the studio. so i leeched their idea and made my new blog skin out of it. (then i realise peggy's new skin works on a similar concept. boo. since i already worked hard on this, i shall settle for this still!!)

and it is black 'cause.. there is nothing darker.

bah. that was lame. (i miss her blog though.) okay. black 'cause i realise it doesn't strain my eyes as much as a white screen do, taking into consideration the huge amount of time i spend on my laptop and blogging.

so tadah! i love it!!

still need to polish it up a little. like acquiring a cursor that matches, changing the hits counter skin and fixing that technical glitch on my side bar (damnit, the published skin just looks different from my preview one).

did i miss out anything else?

okayy. on a serious note,

i'll be up all night i think. last night of the wake.

it's the physical shell that's gone.
in our hearts, he'll live. forever.


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