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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I am not a bloody Year 1.

The attachment says if I am Year 2, I get to access my results on the 22nd December 2005, 11AM.

It's not time yet but out of boredom, I attempted to log into the system and was prompted by this message:

Date of Release of Your Examination Results
From 23-DEC-2005 11:00 Hour to 06-JAN-2006 23:59 Hour

Isn't that the date for Year 1s?

That day while waiting outside the exam hall for my NM3215 paper (a level-3 module), Fengxue and I were scrolling down the list for our seat numbers and were comparing the number of year 2s versus year 3s taking the module. Then we noticed a [Year 1] slot in between the list, somewhere at the bottom.

So we were laughing at the stupidity amazed at his/her courage, then suddenly we realised that stupid "Year 1" was none other but me. My matriculation number don't even start with 05xxxx, it's 04xxxx damnit.

I want my results tomorrow,

and I am not a bloody Year 1. Arghhh.


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