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Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry (belated) Xmas to all!!!

Heart wrenching.

These words are made for King Kong (the movie, if you have been a hermit).

If not for the many pairs of eyes, I would have cried my guts out.

As a matter of fact, I think I've already cried half of my guts out.

It's a nice show, and if you haven't catch it - slap yourself with a fat chunk of dory* and promise to watch it this weekend.

*Why dory? I don't know, but it's nice and I like it.

The hols' almost over.

I've accomplished next to nothing 'cept acquiring the latest photoshop cs2 and learnt a few things about it (at least I know what layers are all about now).

Speaking of which, I realise I've forgotten to return the library book that's due 21st December. Holy shit. *Cha-ching!* Some money flushed down for no, or some crap, reason again.

And I've not picked up driving yet. Couldn't apply PDL 'cause I don't know where I left the letter that I supposedly must bring along. Didn't book my final theory 'cause I wanted to do the admins together with my PDL.

Shucks! Collin passed his basic theory much later than I did, and he is already starting on his driving lessons. Urg, I can be a spoilt girlfriend and allow him to drive me everywhere and anywhere I wanted/needed to go. But no thanks, I really rather be independent and get my license.

Now where is that freaking piece of letter?


Oh oh! And MERRY (belated) X'MAS to all!

I had fun - a peaceful and not-so-squeezy x'mas.
Hope you had your fun too! :)

Special note:
Xiang!!! I got THE card!!! This is going to be so so soooo exciting!!! *jumps ard*


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