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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And you know I ain’t shy with them..

.. when I do up the following list:

#1) Good complexion

#2) Get rid of flabs, tone up!

#3) Driving license

#4) Straight As this semester

#5) A Canon camera

#6) A LV/Gucci wallet

#7) Anything that says Tiffany and Co.

Heh. Kidding. K lah, the more possibles.

You can kindly reimburse me – I am in the abyss of penniless-hood - for my recent impulse buys like:

#8) My Raoul shirt which cost me SGD139
(Pardon the pose, this pic is meant for insertion in the final report of my entrepreneurial project.)


#9) This Mango floral print tube I bought just hours ago, while helping Ruth (my school mate) collect her spag at MNG Tampines. I can't help it, the top was screaming "Qimin!!!" and i consequently burnt another SGD49. Urg.

More importantly,

#10) I would like anything you get me, even if it’s just a small birthday cake or a piece of ang ku kueh (ok, I am kidding about this one).

But yea, I mean it – even if it is just a cake.

I’m just glad I’m spending this day with you guys. Reallyyyy.

With that said, anyone richer than me – you are free to donate to Help-Qimin-Shop Fund at the following posb savings account: 207-27889-0. Heh. Eternal gratitude.


Girlies, see you people tonight!!!

I hope we rock.


We will rock. ;)


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