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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The countdown begins...

I took the liberty to use my sister’s laptop and log in to say:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

It’s V-day and my lover left me for rural Thailand 1 day before this coveted day. Damn the army because that’s what they did last year too.

So twice he missed our V-day and more most importantly, TWICE he missed my birthday!

Unforgivable and it’s my 21st this year, hello?

Sidetracking, if you would look to the right, I have updated my countdown timer and YES, we are going to countdown to MY BIRTHDAY!

Self-centred? Maybe. But because this is my blog and I can – lets countdownnnn! Lalalaaa.

Those whom we should really be meeting up, please book me!!! You know who you are!!! And I want youuu, youuu, youuuu.

I am only taken on Wednesday night (22/02) so far. And it’s appropriate for me to insert the following broadcast at this juncture:
Girls (and guys, if you happen to book out) of 26/02,

Head down to MoS on 22nd February, 2006 to celebrate Weilin, Alicia and my birthday with us.

Come embark on our virgin journey to MoS (yes, we’ve never been there yet) and stand to be showered by our love and affection, in the presence of sizzling hot chicks like Sindy, Jasmyn and Huiling.

Tempted yet?

There ain’t any reason for you not to be there. For it’s ladies night – read: FREE admission for girls and read: LADIES for guys. (And we would love if you guys decide to drive down. Heh.)

What are you waiting for?

Be there or be square.
Hee. That’s a pretty tacky closing. But i hope you are excited already 'cause I AM!

Talking about virgin experience – I first clubbed exactly one year ago, on the 22nd of February. Laugh if you want. I don’t admit it’s cool but I don’t find that very much loser-ish either. Lalalaa.

And I remember it is a Friday because Sindy has brought me out for Mambo night at Zouk, together with Alicia, Fang and Meng. Haha. For a newbie, it’s hilarious to see the amazing array and degree of synchronization at Mambo.

And of course I remember how I puked repeatedly on Meng’s car after that, in a plastic bag. And how I broke out in rashes the day after. How Meng ill advise me to take water (without emphasising to sip), resulting in more puking. How Fang, Meng and I rushed down straight after clubbing to find a sad Ting at the airport. How Ting have to take care of me, instead of me healing/sharing her then broken heart. How Ting have to sleep on the mattress and I, her bed because I promptly fell asleep. How Ting and I spent the afternoon reminiscing. And to sum it all, a nice dinner with the 26/02 girls at Billy Bomber’s later that evening.

Amazing. Almost magical.

Thank you all for what you have given me.


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happy Valenstinday

nice site

Great wishes from

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