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Saturday, February 18, 2006

pre-celebration: vday & birthday. :)

The upcoming MoS trip is going to be fun, and very very HOT!

The ladies on the list so far are Sindy, Jasmyn, Weilin, Alicia, Huiling, Tzechia and Chaochia. We also have with us our dear friends like Peggy, Xiang and Yiyi.

Woah, that makes eleven of us. I am so excited about it!!!

Babes!!! Release all your inhibitions, mix around and make new friends ‘cause all the people listed above are the nicest people around, I swear.

Anyone else* wanna go? :)

* Only nice and hot people need apply.


So anyway, I haven’t mention anything about my pre vday and birthday celebration with Collin.

It was a one and a half day celebration at Orchard Food Street (to exchange presents), at Sentosa (for the excessive tanning), at PhoChine (for Vietnamese cuisine at IndoChine) and finally at Balcony (for a sgd7 apple juice – urps).

Photos galore! :)

We love Sentosa.

And it's fine fine weather.

This daschund is called Rusty.

Dinner at PhoChine.

Chilling out at Balcony.

From him,

a diamante-rimmed Guess watch.

From me,

a classic green dial Kenneth Cole.

*smiles. :)


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