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Monday, March 06, 2006

Bugger off.

For the 2nd time in a row, I skipped my Monday classes – which consist of only one 2hr lecture from a boring Indian male lecturer. Though this time, it’s for a legitimate reason as I ain’t feeling well.

Three paracetamol and plenty of sleep later, I am feeling slightly better. Damn the cold – fever subsided and has evolved into a cough. Pfft.

Sad though, I missed going out with my childhood girls yesterday for some engagement dress shopping. I’m sorry – came home in the evening and slept ‘cause I was feeling quite terrible.

Pebble hasn’t been too good either – while I was in my slumber, she chewed on my Motorola hp charger and successfully exposed the wires within. Urg, naughty Pebble. Thankfully, the charger still works after a good tape wrap.

Here’s the latest pic of my darling girl, in an oversized garb that Collin got for her. Man, our estimation is way off. Next time, we better bring her there to try.

Introducing hip-hop Pebble:

Naughty, but can be quite a darling sometimes. :)

P.S. I've received the softcopy of the photoshoot from one of the photographers. Shall post some up soon. Check back!


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