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Saturday, January 20, 2007

my little and not-so-little fellows

(sending recent pics of pebs to collin over msn)

min: i love my dog!
M: i love you too! heh.
collin: papa luv u too
M: haha. i dont want papa to love me.
M: i want my bf to love me.
C: okok i luv u
C: y u so notti
M: haha, cause today is 80th monniversary mah
C: haha ok, luv luv ok
M: haha. damn gross.
M: this is the grossiest convo we had in years
C: u oso tink so
M: haha i mean its sweettt
M: haha
C: yup
M: very sweet.
M: too sweet. haha
M: but i like it!
C: how come e transfer so slow?

Urps. Rapid change of topic. I think my relationship is stagnant-ing.
Like it wasn't since 70 months ago. Haha.
I last checked that Collin is happy with the way things are.
Blah. That fellow.

And here's the other lil fellow I loveee:

Heh. I love her to bits.


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