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Sunday, September 19, 2004

no school tmr.. yeah!

yep.. no school tmr. its my long awaited term break!! no school till thursday. haven been touching books since friday. will get some things done by the end of this term break ba. must catch up or readings and doubts will only keep snowballing. =)

din go ECP today cos everyone woke up this morning aching. ouch.. my rib-cage aches. ha.. probably cos it hasn't been expanding much for a long long time. heh.. collin got chest muscle aches cos he did pull ups. (note: not becos he ran. tink to him, its really no kick running with moi. heh.) going jogging on tuesday. anyone wanna join me? heh..

went suntec to watch DODGEBALL instead. heh.. another lame show. but its funny!! ben stiller's really a versatile actor. rate it 3.9/5. pay-to-laugh kinda show. but it is really better than what i expected.. so.. maybe you guys can try watching. oh..

and i bought the DISNEY MAGIC cd already. have yet to listen to it but i tink shld be not bad. haha.. only disappointment is that they din include 'part of your world' from the little mermaid. love that song alot.. they have 'under the sea' and 'kiss the gal' though. well.. i also dunno y i buy it.. but just another cd i dun mind having. and 44 tracks for just $18.95. y not?

my the 2 pudding hammies went to their new home today, including the cute one shown below. to this gal bout my age.. foreign student. indonesian maybe. i tink the hammies will be in good hands. so now left with mum(black+yellow coat) and dad(yellow coat) hammie. collin is suggesting naming them hei jin kang and bai jin kang. heh.. i thot it sounds real bad. i tink maybe i'll name them pepper and ginger instead. hmm.. gotta confirm their name asap.

happy 52th monthniversary to us! =)

thats all. ciao dudes..


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