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Monday, September 20, 2004

life is..

i am feeling kinda emotional now.

just feel that very often, we take lots of things for granted. and often lamenting that life is so hard.
but we often fail to see how some individuals are struggling with life. life that is incomparable to ours.
if we possess the ability to step out of our own lives and view our lives as an outsider, perhaps the world will be a better place to live in.
but often, as the saying goes "the fish are so deep in the water that they don't even noe it."

and very often, we take alot of ppl for granted. ppl whom we care for, we love, we treasure.
neglecting them for the fact that we noe they'll always be there.
but what if one day.. they aren't ard anymore.
will you regret not saying "i care" when u really do, or saying "i love you" when the person really means the world to you.

the saddest thing in life is probably to live in regret.
Knowing its once in ur hands to do something bout life and for the ppl ard you but u din becos u dun wan to or simply dun give a damn.

to the ppl whom i love, treasure and care so much for.. you may and may not know who you are.
there may be many times i dun seem to care or appreciate that you care..
but deep down i do.

* i love you grandma. no matter where you are, and i'm sorry i din show it when i could. i miss you.
* my family: there are times i din play my part but i do care.
* collin: you noe u mean the world to me. i just wanna say thank you.
* ah mei, ah bi, ah tin: you guys means alot to me!!! really.
* wishing you happiness always. though our lives are now 2 separate entities.
* all my frens i hold so closely to my heart.. i tink u'll noe who u are. love you all.


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