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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

nothing happened. *phew*

*phew* so nothing happen yesterday. ytd, keep recalling the time when sebastian (who supposedly eerily noes fortune telling) told me that i shld trust my 6th sense cos its likely to be very accurate.
glad my 6th sense wasn't right at all. =)

collin msg me this morning at 06:19:55 saying he's going out outfield today. back on thurs afternoon.
and oh dear.. its raining so badly today. tink they are going to have a hard time dealing with all that mud. poor thing..

me.. suppose to go run today. but "tian bu zuo mei". keep raining. was intending to go run at 12pm. then i heard thunder. darn.. went for a bath at 2pm. and when i came out, it seems all good. rain has clear.. sufficiently bright enuf. then realise i can't find my running shoes. before i could find them.. heaven goes pouring again. not fated to run today. tmr perhaps..

not been touching my books yet. today must do some work ba.. if not, will feel damn bad. must jiayou and work hard. i tink i've change quite alot from sec to JC to uni. change for the better? maybe.
gonna stop and do some proper work!! like catching up with my sociology, which is seriously lagging right from the 1st chapter. *yawnx*

heh.. i'm gone. poof!


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