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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

no more laptop for me..

no more laptop for me.. at least till thursday.

my laptop is a major distraction. i blame it for me not studying. (yesh.. i din do anything ytd. even though i said i would.) today will be the last day i blog.. will be back blogging when school starts on friday. i really have to spend the next 2 days mugging cos i am really lagging like shit. sindy and meiqi asked me out today. but i can't!! anyway, they all seems not too free aso and a wee bit last min. next week ladies!! i'll arrange!?

i woke up at 10 am today, could have slpt more!! the aircon technicians came to change the units in my parent's and my brother's room. which is good cos their's are forever dripping water. heh.. oh.. mine is changed earlier cos it drips water too. all that drilling and talking. too noisy for me to do work. argh..

the day is bright and sunny today. but too hot for me to run. will go for the jog in the evening. good weather!! yeah..

i'll miss my wonderful blog. and my laptop. maybe msn.

ciao.. wish me luck with studying. i need more self discipline.


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