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Thursday, September 23, 2004

i'm back!!

hi!! i'm back so fast.

barely survive the no internet-blogger-msn-hotmail-friendster-laptop day. maybe thats y i'm going for ICM. which toks about media, technology, communication, blah blah.. ppl often asked me what is this course about. i always reply: "something like learning about media integrated with IT." in fact, i'm beginning not to noe what is this course about. though i already printed out one whole stack of information regarding ICM prior admission to NUS FASS. will read the curriculum again to refresh my memory about what i'll be taking the next 3.5 yrs. but it kinda doesn't matter anyway cos no matter wat, i'll still have it as my major since there's nothing else i can take in FASS. psychology? sociology? south east asian studies? i doubt so.. maybe i'll try taking theatre studies next sem. and consider economics if all else fails. nonetheless.. i guess its pretty fixed that it'll be Information and Communication Management. if this course din exist, i'll probably not exist in FASS either. i shldn't grumble so much though cos there are ppl who din even get anywhere.

that day, during my icm tutorial, mr gui was jokingly asking who wanted to go NTU. i raised up my hand without hestitaion. not trying to be a joker and not that i do not fully noe what i was doing and the consequences of doing so (mr gui called me a betrayer[jokingly. again.] and asked me to answer some qn which i have no idea how to cos i din do the readings. heh.. the usual.).. i just had to do it. maybe a part of me still cant reconcile with the fact that i din get to where i wanted--> NTU comm studies. but there is no such things as 'if only i had work harder during JC'. i noe if i had the chance to relive JC days.. i'll be the same me.. except that i'll remain in TPJC for good and no, thank you to AJC. then again.. maybe i'll regret not noeing the wonderful bunch of 26/02 peeps.

i guess some higher power up there had it all planned out for me. for better or for worst, i'll make the best out of it. you only live once in a lifetime anyway. and in mr gui's words.. "what's the worst that can happen?" right on.. totally agree. i tink he's great and that short statement struck me in a great way.

i din spend my last 2 days studying much. sadly but i tink i've tried. guess i just have to work harder to make up for all these. and i will.

collin called me at 6pm when he returned from his field camp today. i'm so glad he did and to hear he's all fine. my foreboding din come true. thank goodness. i prayed hard and i'm not sure if my prayers are answered or not. but i'm just glad everyone's safe and sound. collin will be back tmr. return to camp on saturday nite cos gonna help out with AHM stuff thats on sunday morning. then booking out(again!) on sunday afternoon after the AHM stuff and only be booking in on tuesday morning. hurray!! i'm so happy with the arrangement. sunday supposedly worth more than weekdays. but weekdays off is good too!! at least movies are cheaper. not so much crowd. and a refreshing change.

i gotta end here. i need to sleep. need to be in school at 8 am tmr. such ungodly time..
it doesnt matter now for me to noe the answer but i just wanna noe..
an end note for all to tink about.. i have this sudden surge of thots and emotions lately. must be the blogging and reading ppl's blogs that make me more aware of things happening around me and in me. i never realise how some individuals are struggling with life.. cos everyone seems so fine. we are all carrying some form of facade and we may not noe cos we can't even identify which is the real us anymore. my sudden concern for some frens.. is it the real me or just another facade of me?

i dunno and i dun care. just take life as it is. u may have plans for 20, 30 yrs down the road. but heck, you dun even noe if you'll survive tomorrow. at least you are in control of today and make it your best. i still say.. LIFE IS GREAT!! stay optimistic and for all you noe, tomorrow may be a better day.


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