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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


sometimes the best way to deal with regret is to confront it. it entails tremendous courage and a right state of mind. but overcoming it, you'll untie a knot in your heart, one thats bugging you for such long long time, and make yourself a much happier person.
thanks. i tink i already noe the answer. glad you are happy. and thats all i can ask for. =)
one day when you finally become old and wrinkled, do you wanna look back and realise how your life is littered with regrets? just because you never reconcile with them when you are able to, when you have the power to change the situation..
thanks QX. you made it possible. you probably do not know how much it means to me. thanks for trusting. =)

definitely not me. its comforting to know at least i've tried.. be it successful or not.


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