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Monday, September 27, 2004

saturday. sunday. monday.

dere's something special about today being a monday, as a weekday.
y? heh.. cos collin is given a free day today!! ytd morn was AHM - army half marathon. 21km. gosh. (he finished the run in 2hr 5min.) so they pay them back by giving them a break today and only be booking in tmr morning. good!!

haven been blogging for the past 2 days (?). lemme do a lil back dated entry here.

meet collin at suntec and went for lunch at tony roma's. so much so that i forgot that i am to meet fang to pass her the money for the mooncakes she is to help me buy from malaysia. heh.. but the meal is good. but i tink collin enjoyed more than i do cos afterall, i'm not a very 'steak' person. will return to try the ribs next time!! yummy.

bought my 1st pair of havaianas slippers today!! its purple!!! very nice shade. and tink it kinda complement my dark complexion. spent a humongous amt of time deciding which to buy.. i like the turquoise, pink, black and white ones!! if its really that comfortable.. maybe i'll go back for another pair! yay..
i haven been buying new stuff for a long long time!! believe it or not.. this mth had been a pretty tight mth cos i overspend the mth before. haha. but counting down.. 3 more days to the end of this mth!!

collin has AHM in the morning. as promise i went to the padang to meet him at 8. suppose to meet him at the finishing line. to be his motivation. but i just cant find the finishing line!! and imagine walking across a field filled with army guys. gosh.. needless to say, he finished his run without seeing me at the finishing line. haha. at least.. i was somewhere there. =)

spend the rest of the day looking for sneakers (queensway --> orchard) cos collin's confinement* for shoes is near the end!! (*last mth, collin had been buying new sneakers for 3 weekends consecutively. i actually gave him a confinement of 4 weekends whereby he's not suppose to buy any. yup.. next weekend onwards.. he can start his sneakers spree again!) ytd, we went peninsula then orchard to see sneakers. haha.. tink he wont give up till he buys one. bought a very comprehensive magazine on sneakers at kinokuniya!! tink thats the highlight of the day. seriously.. thats the kind of magazine we have been waiting for so long. happy for him cos thats what he loves. sneakers.

met fang and meng at night to get my mooncakes. yum yum. big thanks to them!!! fang for buying the mooncakes though i thot it'll be so troublesome. and meng for always being so nice, driving us home. love this couple!! thank you many plenty!!

today - monday!!
went sch at 10 am today for the stupid econs lecture. tink econs lectures are driving me crazy. i'm on the verge of boycotting them. today we had a male lecturer teaching macroeconomics. this male lecturer is worse than the female one. just when i thot the female lecturer was bad!! i guess its that bad that midway, u start seeing ppl leaving the LT. well.. -_-"

met collin after school for a movie. the New Police Story. i never like jacky chan. but this show is good!! and lotsa shuai ge starring too!! ok.. mainly 2!!!! recommended to all.. 2 hr show. tink its worth it. if its not for the show, at least for the eye candies. heh..

and i bumped into xiang today!!! so happy. coincidence. outside the cinema before entering for the show. yeah.. still as skinny, as dark and as girly. only tink she cut her hair. which i tink looks fine ok!!! damn the stupid 'country pumpkin' who so insensitively commented on her hair. hope he becomes bald one day. look who got the last laugh.. oops.. so mean. but i dun care! =P

all in all.. it has been a really good 3 days for me. though i'm feeling wee bit guilty cos i din study much. would feel equally bad if i dun spare time for him too.. so just have to study damn hard whenever i can. i noe right now dere's just alot of talk and no action. but i'll try!! will jia you and nu li.. have faith. take care all. smile. =)


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