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Sunday, November 07, 2004

happy days will come my way

sometimes i cant stand myself. i m unbelievably lack of self discipline and focus. (focus? what focus?) argh.. hopefully i rise to the ocassion. and i better.. wells..

whenever i got impt matters at hand,
i feel like organsing my closet.
i feel like surfing the net for interesting stuffs (i visited straits times, time magazine and national geographic webbies so far..).
i feel like eating something (sore throat now..).
i succumb to ppl asking me out (a "short" break from work? yeah right.. been having multiple "short" breaks every now and then..).
i do anything irrelevant, time wasting and feel so guilty after that, that i din do work!!!

this seriously has to changed!! i need some time.. but thats what i m running out of. but nvm.. i'll figure.

looking forward to the happy days ahead.. when i m done with all these shit!
*i'll go shopping.
*i'll do more exercise and bring up my metabolism rate once again.
*i'll visit a dermatologist.
*i'll go sentosa with my friends.
*i'll engage in mindless girls' tok.. and tok and tok and tok all day all night long.
*i'll do more shopping. and shopping and shopping.
*i'll then work, work and work myself to death to get the bucks.
*so that i can do more shopping and shopping and shopping.

argh.. going slightly bonkers (and bimbotic as a matter of fact.). but if this keeps me going.. why not? if i have said this before, i'm saying it again..

THIS SUCKS!! (big time.)


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