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Friday, October 29, 2004

i need to know if life exists outside books!

my heart skips a beat each time the clock strikes 12am. another day went past without me studying.. or doing anything productive as a matter of fact. not that i din try but each time i lay out my books nicely before me. the EXAM BUG hits me and i go to sleep!! i need to study.. and i need sleep. these 2 things just dun go together. bug off!!

i have to get my engine started and things rolling.. hopefully, they roll into place. argh.. maybe i shld just hide my laptop and forget where it is.. cos its one MAJOR distraction. blog>check email>check frenster>check ppl's blogs>surf net>check my own blog again! tremedously time consuming indeed. i need HELP! *ALERT!!*

anyway, you may have notice my fonts are bigger now. yesh.. for benefits of meiqi and weilin who complains my fonts are too small. argh.. i miss my small fonts. but nvm. haha.. i m very considerate. so there you are..

nothing much's happening lately. basically just floating ard NUS.. lamenting the fact that i m not studying YET (note: yet! but i will.. wells..) and not doing enuf to break out of this vicious cycle. this sucks..

no wait.. in fact i shld go study now!! ok.. i m off. tata..


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