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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

just another day.. boring.

school starts at 2pm today. i woke up at 10am and still end up 10 minutes late for lessons.
i told ya.. my time mgmt is problematic. i could have been on time if i had not waste 15 minutes packing and unpacking my bag wondering why it is still so heavy. i already kept in mind the golden rule:

"pack in the essentials!"
it apparently didn't work for me. haha. everything seems vital to bring. i hate it when i need something and its not there. that explains why my bag is always so damn freaking heavy.

*note: this has nothing to do with why i always bring BIG bags around. i love big bags!!!! just throw everything in. yay~! then again, there seems to be a correlation. liking big bags means i have the tendency to put more things into it. er.. or is it becos i bring too many things ard, thats y i need, then grew to like big bags? argh.. its a chicken and egg thingy again. (which comes 1st? chicken or egg?) bear with the crap..

today is pretty much "just another day". life is getting monotonous. someone SPICE UP my LIFE? i've been wanting to meet my frens (ug, 26/02, shtm peepx) but everyone's just so busy, including myself. everyone's telling me school sux, projects sux, tests sux.. indeed they do. cos they clogged up our schedules so much, everyone's not free. jiayou ba, everyone!!

in GTP, mr jae chia's words, "there can be miracles, when you believe." i am hoping for one now.. how i miss JC days. though i used to dread it.. like hell. really lurrrve 26/02.. the class rocks the whole of (the otherwise dead!) AJC alive. haha.. exaggeration. truefully, this bunch of ppl is one of the best things that happen to me. big hugx..

my SC tutorial class starts at 10am tmr. for the past 3 tutorials, not once(!!) have i been on time. pledge to be punctual tmr.. *crossed my fings* update you ppl tmr.. heh. =)
*note: my blog's sounding sadder and sadder by the day. tink so? haha.. but life is still good. keep smiling!


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