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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

yakking yakking yakking!

life has been a bliss recently. love life, frenship, family life and maybe school.. all seemingly going fine. looking good. bliss. hope it stays that way cos i'm happy!!

recently, been engaging in very nice toks with ppl..

on sunday, went to SG Post Coffee Bean to study with my dear cousins, ah mei and tin tin, cos its their exam period. clement was there for a while before he went to church. its was nice!!! we tok alot and also did some productive work. at least, i finished half of my icm tutorial.. which i'm very proud of. its like my 2nd time doing icm hw?! heh.. after that, we went off for dinner at LJS (yup.. the one who sells pathetically small chicken pieces. did i say chicken? thot there are selling chicks instead. heh.. so mean. i still love LJS but the chix pieces is really pathetically small. all agree?) then settled outside Mc and had a long tok with them. its always nice tokking to them. nice to noe that whatever u said, you wont be judged. afterall we have been frens for 19 yrs. heh.. the good ol' days of running ard in our panties only. running to playground and attempt to set it on fire one fine lantern festival. (no la.. we are just trying to have a camp fire really.)

ytd.. school was fine. except that i realise i really hate attending the econs lect. now that the guy lecturer is so much worse that the female one. many more ppl left midway this lect. he cldn't get our attention and there's lotsa of chit chatting ard, which i actively contributed for sure. tok to jacqueline thru the whole lect. nice nice!! relive the days of TK.. we can really tok alot.. and i enjoyed it. ivan was sitting beside jac, drawing on his lecture notes, looks like some tattoo prints. look.. how boring the lect is indeed.
icm tut went past and i kinda understand most of what was discussed. naturally cos i finished 90% of the 2 readings for once!! heh.. *applause*
after lunch with ivan and lynn, went off to meet ruth for our SSA1201 project.. yup.. the one on chocolate. we kinda found our direction le. which is good!! but me and ruth spent most of our time tokking bout anything, other than project. heh.. and in ruth, i finally found someone who can relate to my liking for guys with angular jaws!! cool.. another person i enjoy tokking to sincerely.

gotta end here. had to go prepare meet ruth and das for the project at city hall. hope we get more things done today!! haha.

life is good. stay that way.. =)


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