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Thursday, September 30, 2004

stressful week over soon!

this week's been a stressful week. 2 tests (one 40%, the other 30%!!) and 1 project due(10%). too much for me to handle. but yup.. tmr is friday and the week is going to be over soon. hand up my project tmr and take my econs test on saturday!! all will be fine.. life will resume to its usual manageable pace. =)

today stayed back in school till 7.20pm to do my english lang. (EL) project. this is our 3rd meeting so far. what cheryl said makes lotsa sense.. we spend so much time on a EL project that cost us a measly 10% while the sociology(SC) test essay itself that took us minutes was 10% already. but i guess every mark counts.. especially if you are the marginal case kind of ppl. which i unfortunately happen to be one.. heh.

talking about SC.. just had my test yesterday. and i tink its yet another paper screwed! gosh.. the essay was totally a mess. MCQ still fine but becos i din do much of the readings.. cant answer some of the qn. but well.. its MCQ. i have at least 25% chances of getting it right. haha.
so far i had 3 tests (EL, ICM, SC).. all screwed. got back my EL test results.. disappointing (but glad its only 10%). ICM - i dun have too high hopes for that *sigh*. SC.. well.. 'nuff said.
but i gonna keep going. all is not lost though some tests consist of a xtremely high percentage. thats uni life.. and i have much to adapt to.

today after the EL project, cheryl's dad sent me home for the 2nd time. so paisay.. always troubling him. but he always claims its on the way. nice daddy. find that i can talk with cheryl alot. so far.. we seems to be talking forever on the ride home. thats nice.. =)

my ah-yi got admitted to hospital last sunday due to food poisoning (stupid malaysia food!). went to visit her yesterday and yay.. just heard from my mum she returned home le. thats good!! very happy to hear that. she's somewhat very important to me.. like a half-mother/granny/whatever since she took care of me since young (until when i was 5yrs old. had to return home for kindergarten.). i dun rmbr my childhood consisting much of my parents and siblings. maybe they din play much of a part anyway. but i like it the way it is.. not many kids will get to enjoy the kind of childhood i had. freedom. doing stupid things. adventures. pure fun! together with ah mei, ah bi, ah tin and ah shan (--> we all got petnames. mine? haha.. =X). spent much of that eventful 5 years shuttling around Ubi Ave 1 and Pipit Road. my childhood is great indeed!! no one ever forcibly teach us ABC, 123 at that age.. but look, we are all doing great. perhaps parents now shld relax and let their kids enjoy childhood more!!

gonna end here. bless us all and keep going!! =)
there are alot of thank yous i wanna say to alot of ppl.. but i tink i can go on forever if i really do. still, BIG THANK YOU to you guys!! for any reason at all.. just thanks!


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