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Sunday, October 03, 2004

tired. sleepy. but happy.

my day started at 6am today. awaken by my biological clock. thank goodness i woke up cos fell aslp the night before without covering any econs topics. and my test's at 12 pm. so from 6am to 10am - i conscientiously sat down and try to do as many topics as i can. as the chinese proverb goes, "last minute hug buddha's leg." true to its words, its only when time are that pressing, that i can keep my attention from waning for more than 1.5 hr.

the test went fine. 2hr paper with 40 MCQS. din sound that tough to me initially.. until i sat thru it. not that the qn are hard but the options given are often ambiguous. hope i do alright.. *fingers crossed.* my only hope for mid term test now.. (since my EL sucks, and ICM + SC shld sucks too.)

after that went off to do my SSA1201, Singapore Society project. gosh.. we are so stuck. we are doing on globalisation, topic CHOCOLATES. sounds tantalising.. indeed. but we just can't think beyond mere presentation of the data. had to interpret the data.. maybe do survey where relevant but how? its another solid 30% and up to this point in time.. little is done. i'm starting to get a lil freaked out. its due next friday. gosh.. we really have no time. anyone can help?? or if you come across any CHOCOLATES related stuff (especially if its linked to the globalisation process), pls lemme noe!! your help is appreciated.. deep down. we r desperate already.

since collin is not out today until 11pm (in camp helping out with commissioning parade. as 'high class spies'.) i got the whole evening to myself.. suddenly have 'this' impulse.. been wanting to do 'this' for a long time..
yep!! i went back for TKBand (the best band in the land) alumni practice. so excited, nervous. but happy. haven been touching a horn for the longest time. i miss the french horn. how it sounds like. how it feels like. how it looks like.
but i can't play it well anymore. thats sad and demoralising to realise today. i can't even read the score well anymore. can't hold the horn without feeling aches on my shoulder or pain in my lil finger. can't understand some terms like concert Bb. can't play. can't pitch. can't understand. all these i used to be apt in, things that i used to emphasise to my juniors, make a big fuss when they dunno.. i'm losing it. its quite sad.. like a part of me gone with the wind.. probably gone for good. but no.. won't let it happen. must jiayou!! practise harder.. recall the terms.. but too bad i cant go back to alumni as often as i would like to. have other priorities that are equally impt..
something was different bout this alumni practice though.. funny. got a lil 'culture shock'. after alumni, almost everyone hang ard. i wonder why. 4 cars parking under the Rotunda (mr siao's, cheelup's, jonathan's, tng's). not there without a reason. so i found out today that after alumni, they would go somewhere to eat,drink and PLAY UNO. (last week was airport.) heh.. had lotsa FUN!!! went Kallang KFC and played the Shrek UNO combined with Barbie UNO (courtesy of Mr Siao). gosh.. we are so noisy but we are enjoying ourselves so much that we probably dun care what ppl tinks. never knew UNO can be that fun.. there was 15 of us (me, adeline, yi zhen, wei ee, liying, mr siao, law eng, jonathan, chuan zhi, yewhang, yu nai, kenneth, tng, tng's sis, cheelup).
all in all, it was a great alumni prac. glad i went.. even though su wasnt with me this time round. =(
APPEALING TO EX TKBAND MBRS, PLS ATTEND UR ALUMNI IF YOU CAN K. lawrence eng is suppose to call you guys. but well.. not doing a very good job ya. haha. hmm.. k la. he's a busy man.

now.. i'm deadbeat. tired. sleepy. but happy. collin gonna book in at 1pm tmr. have to wake up earlier to meet him. else will only get to see him next week. ciao.. and off to zZzZz.


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