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Monday, October 11, 2004

celebration!! i'm back!!

yup.. today is a happy happy day.


cos i finally found my I/C and my matriculation card.

i started this blog on 140904.. in that entry, stated i can't find my IC. and gosh!! after almost one mth later, i found it!! whew~

lemme recount back how i 1st realise i lose it and how i found it (today!!). heh..

1) i was at the national library, orchard with collin and he wanted to loan a book. horrors to horrors, i couldnt find IC to loan the book. so he went on to use his 11b to borrow. leaving me wondering where the heck my IC is. hmm.. where!?
2) after my sociology mid term test.. we had to flash our matric card to prove our identity (for whatsoever reason la.) and presence. hell.. now where is my matric card??? WHERE???? flashed my ez link card. they accepted. thank goodness i applied for the card.

now i have 2 mysteries. unsolved. tried searching at every nook and cranny. look thru all pockets of my jeans, pants, skirts and shorts. cant find!! *aggravated/pissed*

ok.. back to today!

i woke up this morning.. and began thinking (again!!) where my IC/matric card is. went off to the shower. meanwhile, my sis is finally packing her bed. its like cluttered with so many things, occupying more than half of her bed.

in the bathroom..
(thinking) i shld go to the police soon.. to make a report for my lost IC. pay them $50 to make me another. take a nicer photo this time round. thinking of the possible qns they'll ask..

police: when did you lose ur IC?
me: last mth? (heh..)
police: why now then report? you noe what can happen if bad ppl get hold of your IC!!!
me: my sixth sense tells me its somewhere in the hse. but i just cant find it.. so yup.. -_-"
police: *nag* *nag* *nag* *nag* *nag* *nag* *nag*

haha. ok.. so when i came out of my shower.. and enter the room and saw my IC, matric card and my Popular student card lying on my cabinet!!

(look at sis)
me (looking surprised): where did you find this!?
sis: i dunno.. its on my bed.
me: ooh.. thank you thank you. i was going to report loss next week le. thank you!! yeah..
sis: ...

it was on her bed. no wonder i cant find it. cos its probably buried by her LV bags, clothes (stale and washed), shopping bags, some unopened snacks.. etc. but gratitude!! thank you many plenty.

so now i can save that $50. stop thinking what to say to the police-man/-woman and to the admin clerk in NUS. pleasant surprise.. i found my Popular student card too.. din even realise i lose it. haha.. insignificant. heh..

ok.. so that brightened up my monday!! though school still sucks today. the econs lect is still as bad. my icm tut was alright, only that i din do the readings but i escaped from being called to answer any qn. mainly cos mr gui isnt ard today. sick leave. poor thing. =( must be the exam scripts driving him mad. heh.. but the relief teacher is good. toks very fast. but very relevant. nice.

wore my yellow Topshop top (the V-neck one. yup.) to school today and i'll never wear it to school ever again. its like forever expanding.. becoming more and more low cut by the day (stupid ah peh trying to peek-a-boo at the mrt). it keeps sliding down my shoulders and makes me look like i'm on the verge of stripping. all in all, it sucks. argh..

gotta end. quite a long entry. a happy one.. cos i got back my 'identity'. heh.. ciao to all. life is good again!


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