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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

ssa1201 project day!!

today is a slpy day.
basically just float around the whole arts faculty feeling i can slp anytime. anywhere. sitting. standing. urps. must be all that lack of slp the week before. all accumulating and its breaking me.

i realise i dun really like wednesday alot. its like 2 lectures in a row and furthermore, modules i dun really enjoy. 1st, SSA1201 - singapore society. 2nd, SC1101E - intro to sociology. actually.. i tink its becos i nv ever try to do the readings. nv try to understand what i'm studying. but they just turn me off.. both readings and textbook make fantastic lullaby. i can sleep even before completing the 1st sentence. its that bad.. but i'll try to invoke the interest. read the readings. try to be interested, if not act interested, in what they are tokking about. though i think they just tink too much..

my fave module is probably econs now. cos like i said to many frens,
"econs is the one module [that i'm taking so far] that says that if something is like this, it is like this. unlike the others that go, if something is like this, then again its not really like this."
argh.. confusing? heh.. thats precisely how i feel. i guess i'm not really a very arts person. neither a science person. and since no business school wanna take me. i'm trying to be all artsy farty now.. gosh.

highlight of today is my SSA1201 project.
ruth did something that touched me today. heh.. i was calling her asking her where to meet and mention that i was hungry. she surprise me with a bag of chocolate cookies.. specially for moi. (i was still gorging on the tuna sandwich i bought from the Deck then when she gave it to me.) thats so sweet!! really!! i dun recall the last time someone did that for me, except for collin of cos. rekindles the touch of frenship.. in a way. *smile smile*
anyway, for the project, we kinda take a leap forward today. at least we pieced everything out into a Word file. though it doesnt really flow. some redundant points here and there. ruth roped in her fren, wayne's (*grin*) help, affectionately called TDP (pronounces T-Dip). some super intelligent-cum-knowledgeable-cum-helpful!! guy.. hmm.. thank you many plenty!!
we ended the meeting at 9:30pm with horrid laughters from me and ruth mainly cos of the "heh. bah. wah." thingy. and ruth was renamed 'hei bee hya' this very nite at the bus stop opposite central library. dun get it? nvm.. pte jokes btwn my 'chocolata yaya' project group.
good luck to all with the project. cross my fings and hope kiong extends the dateline. *praying hard*

last project to go.. all the way man!! gotta slp. poof! zZzZzZz..


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