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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

stay home tues..

stay home tuesday! basically another slacking-my-life-away day for me..

downloaded Ares today!!! and i love it!! so Kazaa is outta my life for good. credits to Lynn, who recommended Ares to me. lemme share with ya the advantages of Ares:

1. it's faster.
2. it's simple and functional.
3. it has minimal advertising.
4. there is a higher possibility for finding what you want (than Kazaa).
5. you dun have to bear with the "Kazaa is now LEGAL!" crap.
6. ok.. it's just another pirated machine. but i like it.. ;)

i wonder.. why Pepper and Ginger (my 2 puddings) haven been giving birth the past 2 months. its a good thing.. really. save me the hassle of finding ppl to adopt the babies. but then again, its weird!! cos hammies, or least my past hammies, have this irritating hobby of giving birth every month. maybe i have super intelligent hammies.. who exercise BIRTH CONTROL or who deliberately act agst PM Lee's call for procreation. haha.. ok.. the latter's crap. but really.. this is not normal. probably Ginger is too fat and my darling Pepper is turn off. heh..

ok.. i'm tired so i'm making this short.

happy that collin will be having his bloc leave from tmr to sunday. 5 solid days of demilitarised and slacking days!! hope i study during this period though. i got mixed-up priorities and am lack of self-discipline. (self what? huh?) i'm hopeless.. suicide (again!).

i need a simpler life. rolling waves.. breeze in your hair.. picturesque scenery.. truly bliss.


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