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Monday, October 18, 2004

couples' quarrelling day.. sad thing.

i deliberately pon my econs lect today. i feel kinda bad. but i dun see how i'll benefit from the session anyway. and probably end up chatting away, like i did the last 2 lectures. which is a waste of time..

so went school just to attend a pathetic one hour of ICM tutorial. well.. suddenly, ppl (esp. the guys today) are getting very enthu in class today. for obvious reasons.. its our last 3 tutorials to go. have to tok tok tok to get ur participation marks. i better start preparing my tutorials and be a enthu kia the next 2 tutorials since i fare so badly for my ICM test. wahaha.. suicide.

saw 2 couples quarrelling today. one at the central library and another one the way home. sad thing.

the one at central library. i was sitting there. half asleep. trying to keep my eyes open and read my icm readings (which makes fantastic lullaby.) when this couple took the table on my left. their whisper are deafening in a dead quiet environment like the central lib. they woke me up.. being the inquisitive me, i listen to their conversation. i cant help it.. heh. anyway, not me to blame if they are that audible. i tink they broke off in the end. the guy keeps blabbing which irritates me. and the gal was sobbing. watever the gal says, the guy has a counter argument. which irritates me further. at least they woke me up.. well..

then on my way home, was on the mrt. in front of me.. was 3 couples. only one of them hugging each other. up to this point, you'll probably conclude they are the most loving couple. until the supposedly sweet couple and i got off the train at the same stop. they were walking in front of me.. then suddenly the guy walked very fast ahead, with the gal lagging behind. the guy recklessly crossed the road. and the gal followed suit, running. then the irritating guy crossed over to the same side of the road again. the gal chased after him. all this while, the pedestrain crossing still flashed red. so dangerous. the guy didnt care and just crossed. with the poor gal chasing behind him. whats the prob, man? in any case, thats something so ungentlemanly to do. where's the lovey dovey couple i saw just now? interesting..

my conclusion is that both guys are at fault. the 1st guy for blabbering too much and the 2nd one who doesnt care if the gf gets knock down by some car. even if the gal is at fault.. thats no way to treat a gal. morons.. beta send them packing to dating etiquette classes. learn to treat a woman right!

everything on my doodle is gone. darn.. sad thing. ppl.. talk to me.. make my doodle board full again. yesh.. sindy. yesh.. mei. i'll blog. haha. take care all of you guys out there. school sucks.. such is life. not for long.. awaiting 27 nov 2004. den its time for me to shop, talk, blog and have all the fun in the world. yes.. =)


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