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Friday, October 15, 2004

people of my life..

my 2nd blog of today.. i just need to sort out my thots, shout out my feelings!! bear with me.. decided to come up with a list of some of the most prominent ppl in my life so far:

of cos.. my bf of 4 years and 5 months. thanks for coming into my life. i tink we rock as a couple and even beginning to look more and more like each other. no need to say much bout you.. cos thats what love's about. beyond words. i love you.

mei, zhen and bi
i'm so glad we are family and frens all together. you guys mean alot to me. its great to noe i've been you guys since age zero. we will all continue to grow and mature, but hope nothing can ever come in between to break us. nothing will.. i love you gals. and we all noe we'll be behind giving support whatever one of us chooses to do. yup.

yup.. our famous universal gang+meng. everyone's so busy with their lives now.. we hardly meet up. i beginning to even lose touch with whats happening in your life. but its ok.. cos i noe the next time when we do meet up, we'll be the same old us. miss the bitching, the crapping, the "buckling up". heh.. you guys rocks. and i love you too.. (for meng.. brotherly love. haha.)

26/02 gals
gosh.. the coolest bunch of ppl ever. i miss you babes.. (yesh.. including weilin. wei~) thanks to sindy for always trying to organise outings though it never materialise.. blame it on clashing schedules and stupid tests/projects. but we'll meet up soon. i noe you guys are damn stress up in ur respective uni. but hang on there.. till we meet up again.. then we can all mass curse SG education system. i love you all..

Starhub tampines
selectively dorkie, xiang xiang, yiyi, angie, mich, jonas and nommie. you guys are the best. having a hard time trying to meet up too. gosh.. wats with schooling, man. i'm so glad you guys took me in as one of ya.. and brighten up my hubbing days!! that was the best job ever.. minus stupid customers (then again, stupid customers sounds great now too!!!). miss the tamil dance with lynn and jonas! miss photocopying recipes with xiang! miss having phamplet competition with all of you guys! and miss the nasi lemak days! gosh.. i miss you ppl. and of cos.. i love you too!!!

this list is so inexhaustive..

TkBand: esp. french horn section and Mr Siao. you guys played a big part to who i am today.
Croemis dudes: gosh.. glad i have you ppl in NUS. or else.. i tink i'll never survive this crap. special thanks to jacqueline for bringing me into the OG! thank you thank you.
26/02 guys: i still haven got over the fact you guys actually gave us roses and the funny whale keychains on the last day of school. you brighten up life in 26/02 indeed.. each and everyone.

ok.. i tink its impossible to put a list for such things.. slowly realise, everyone is just as impt (including bitches and bastards) cos everyone contributes a little to who i am today. (which is impt. cos i'm narcissitic and love myself.) perhaps.. the above ppl are those who played a larger role. and i appreciate that. indeed. for those i miss out (which i tink is alot!!), pardon me!! you guys do matter ok!! some things remain better unspoken. heh.. crap. but seriously, with this entry.. i realise life isnt that bad afterall. i'm so rich.. if wealth is measured in terms of frenship. love you ppl.. and take care. i'll catch ya ard soon. =)


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