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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

(incomplete) UG meet up!!

i din attend econs lecture today (again)! it wasnt deliberate. i just din wake up on time. in fact i wanted to go. but well.. heck. wat the hell.. i dun care anymore. icm tutorial (yesh.. i went school for that 1 hr of tutorial only again!).. not many ppl turn up again. which leads me to think, are ppl not coming because of the stupid grades we all had for the mid term (10/30 was the passing mark. unbelieveable!) or they could all be possibly mugging at home and decided that that 1 mark for attendance isnt that big a deal anymore? i dunno.. heck with all these rubbish. i just wanna get it over and done with. doesnt anyone get it?

sense my frustration here..? i am. lets move to happier things..

*ting, meiqi, fang, meng, me!*

i met up fang, meiqi, ting and meng today @ starbucks tampines. had a great time with them!! oh..
hello meiqi.. i know you are reading this. since you thot my fonts are too small, how do you like this? wahaha. i know you are memorising every line now. so that you can repeat everything, word by word the next time we meet. you stalker!! haha.
at this very moment, i'm aso tokking to meiqi on MSN and she just said..
(*) your smile =) says:
hope u din describe me as some stalker ar
er.. i just did. and no.. i will not erase it. ok.. i hate the huge fonts. pls be nice and make do with my small fonts.
i promise meiqi to write an entry directed at her only since she is such an avid fan of my blog. or in ting's words.. we have "no life." well.. heck it. i dun rmbr how i 1st met mq. but she would tell me its during our 1st band fall in and i was the enthu kia who goes around smiling brightly to her and basically everyone. you make me sound retarded. ok.. i admit i m (at times). haha. our frenship blossom when we formed a group called UG. yesh.. it stands for Universal Gang. *dun luff* its pretty cool (then). haha. i shant go into the details of this wonderful 'organisation'. its in essence, a group of happening babes. (since this is my blog and nobody can say anything.. yes.. we are a group of happening babes. wahaha.) during sec 3, when m2m (the grp of 2 gals with candy voices) was at their peak, mq and i decided to form a group called MQM - MeiQiMin. get it? wahaha. you can aso read it as pretty qimin. wahaha. i m narcisstic. ok.. its actually MeiQi+QiMin --> yes.. its the 2 of us with sandy voices who never ever get past the 1st line "mirror mirror hanging on the wall.." well.. back then, she din use to take any sort of pictures with us, only ocassionally did she grace some of our neoprints shots. but look at her now!! we took 53 photos today and 31 photos have her face on it. wahaha. thanks for plastering the photos with your face.


oh.. not to forget we are also proud members of the QQ club cos we have hair that curls naturally and irritatingly (at times) and we successfully resisted the REBONDING craze that strikes many ppl mad in year 2000. yes..! survivors of disasterous hair fashion trends!!!
so you rough have an idea what kind of person Meiqi is by now. ok.. lemme just sum up.. she's a nice gal. no.. she din pay me to say this. UG are not just made up of happening babes. but nice babes too.. haha. i m so crap.
not forgetting my significant others..
ting: my lower sec classmates turn soulmates. my crazy kaki in UG. my fellow muskies with leisha. adventure mate. hot babe.

tingli and me!

fang: my 1st fren in TKSS. great story behind how we met. guess we're fated to meet. and i thank god for that. tallest babe in UG. forever skinny.


meng: fang's boyfren. our UG's best fren. my 'kor'. nice dude. and we all love his car. dun we? haha.

fang and meng! (this pic is so sweet.)

geo: din meet us today cos she's working. so sad. haven seen her for the longest time. my best horn mate when it comes to playing "The Rose". the one who loves VCD and self-pampering.
there's a great story behind how we got to noe each other. but if i were to recount the story one by one.. i can go on forever forever forever. tada! these are my bestest mates in secondary school.
gotta end here. still gotta meet fang tmr at airport. and possibly lunch with mq since she's working there for now. sleepy. *yawn* keep smiling. life goes on..

acting dumb again!

a nice shot to end this entry! (artistic angle by meng.)


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