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Saturday, October 23, 2004

island life i lurrve it!!

so i went to SENTOSA with *collin* today!! totally chilled. haven been relaxing the way i did today for a long long time. i'm deadbeat. but happy. indeed.

the day started out well. probably a sign that suggest how GREAT the rest of the day is going to be! happiness: saw dorkie at harbourfront mrt. i am so so so happy to see her. my darling neh neh pok. urps. haha.. i miss you!! ah... still look so fine. jealous of your long thin leggies!! we decided to make peace and start loving each other again. nvm bout zander.. wahaha. yes dorkie.. i'll be your big NNP forever. too bad i din get to see her at the beach cos i forgot to snap a pic of the two of us. nvm.. we'll meet up soon when all these shitty stuffs are over! big muakx..

after buying some snacks at cold storage and lunching at the food centre, we happily hop onto the shuttle bus to SENTOSA!! where i was caught off guard, freaked out and slightly embarassed. but this is darn funny. entering the gates into the bus terminal area..
clown 1 directed me to the left with a honk.
clown 2 scanned me front and back, the way security officers at say, airport, does to find the metal pieces on you. only to realise its all for show. i turn back and realise he's 'scanning' me with some red plastic toy. wat the..
clown 3 was standing on his hands. at 1st sight.. i thot its so fascinating. only to realise its fake too! saw the shape of his head sticking out of the supposedly butt portion. meaning the costume makes him seems like he is standing on his hands but he's on his feet actually. thats a good one.
just when i was feeling amused with all these funny ppl i met in this short span of time, this green tall thing fell onto me.. ok.. it pretended to fall onto me. gosh.. at this point, i let out a loud 'yep!' and ppl ard me started laughing. yeah.. laughing at me. i dun care.. whats this green thing!!! turn out to be a guy on stilts and dressed in greenish camou fabic. he was leaning on the pillar and to near prefection, camouflaged into the surroundings. attacking unsuspecting, innocent visitors like me! haha. stood around for a while and watch him scare others.. this time, me laughing at ppl's funny reactions. heh.

we went to siloso beach 1st. not many ppl ard. possibly due to exams period. and the weather isnt fantastic either. its cloudy the whole day, slight dizzling at times. heaven is kind enuf not to have a downpour. =) interestingly, chao guohui and another female artiste were there filming. the last time i was at siloso, i saw vincent ng and jamie teo doing some show too. haha. anyway, we dun seems to fit in anywhere at siloso. so on foot, we headed to palawan.

ah.. great!! palawan beach seems to have more life!!! we found a perfect spot where to the left, we see 2 cute puppies and 1 adorable lil boy (i took pics of him!! will upload soon. he's so cute!!) and to the right, one damn beautiful golden retriever. i wan a dog!! *sob* but my mum hates it. digression. but anyway..

the rest of the day was mostly slack. play frisbee. gorge on nutella and bread + other assorted snacks we bought from cold storage. swimming (the waves are strong today. fun!!). collin happily took a nap midway. beside him, i tried to do some icm readings while he's catching some winks. unbelieveable ya!? haha.. i manage to do 4 pages. haha. better than nuts. heh. pure relaxation. yeah.. this is the way life shld be. we are too consumeristic, too capitalise, to rationalise.. so much so we often forget to relax!! going to the beach is my instant perk up. listening to waves as they lap up the shores. the feel of sand as you wiggle your toes. breeze in your hair. thats like a piece of heaven for me.. the company i had (yes.. you!) just completes the whole picture. *smile*

snap a hell lot of pictures today. my favourite is possibly the one where me and collin attempt to take a shot of us both in mid air. with the help of the 10 SECs TIMER only. haha.. it was a challenge!! we took 14 shots before we succeeded at getting it right. wahaha. imagine how many times we jump and jump and jump and jump and jump and JUMP. haha.. but its worth it. the pic looks great!! haha..

island life i lurrve it!! i will upload the pics soon.
there is so much more to life.. so much more.. to be alive, is such a great thing.


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