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Thursday, October 21, 2004

happy slack day!!

today is a happy slack day!! as i mention previously, collin having his bloc leave this week. met him after school today and went for a lil shopping trip ard town!!! SHOPPING!!! dun we all love this word.. i love shopping. retail therapy. bliss..

i met JASMYN by chance today at topshop, wisma. gosh.. i m so happy to see her. its like reconciling abit of my past! i miss her (and my bunch of 26/02 peepx) so much. barely step into topshop woman, then at the corner of my eye caught this girl with this ultra short skirt. *HOT BABE ALERT* and then i realise (after 2 secs?), its jas!!! gosh.. she looks slightly different. i dunno where/why. just different.. happily shopping at topshop, without ME!!?? so she bought this yummy green (i love yummy green.) tshirt from topshop before heading towards lido isetan. walk ard for a while then she went off to meet her mum and sis. quality time spent. i wanna see more of you, you, you, you, you and the rest!! big hugx.

i declare myself in a state of bankruptcy. i havent been doing any REAL shopping for the past 2 mths?? gosh.. this is so sad. until i spotted this skirt today!!! i had to buy it.. actually its ok only la.. but the fact is that its not just a skirt.. its a ABERCROMBIE!!! i have seen this skirt ard for quite some time, but it was the pink version. pink? tad too sweet for me. but this is BRROOWN!! i love brown. i love green. i love turquoise too. actually, i love lotsa colours. ok.. i m digressing. like i said, i'm in a state of bankruptcy and i cant spend my reserve funds. (no reason y. i just dun wan to. period.) so had collin to pay for me 1st, and i'll return him next mth when my pittance comes in. (i m always spending future money. sigh.) at least i m a proud owner of a new BROWN ABERCROMBIE skirt. wahaha. retail therapy works!! la la la la la..
just in case you are quick to assume i m always spending my bf's $$. i dun! i'm pretty independent. gal power.. yeah. though collin do pay a relatively larger amt for our entertainment and food..which i appreciate much. (thank you. muak.) this is one aspect when i loosen up a lil on my feminism and let guys do their macho thingy. thats equality isnt it? no..? .. oops.

so now.. i m home. bloated from the cup cake from crystal jade bakery (taka), wanton mee from amoy food centre(recommended to all!), ah-balling and XXL chicken from the food centre below army mkt (what is it called, again?).. *burp* excuse me. with my EL tutorial undone. i m going to do now.. dun wanna look like a stone in class tmr. weekends are here again!!!
i'm going to the beach on saturday!! "island life, i love it!!" so happy!! i noe i m slacking again. just give me a break. then i noe you are going to say i already had many plenty. ok.. the last one, before i start working hard. heh.. *cross my heart*

btw.. i am 5 min early for my SC tutorial today!! so proud of myself. *brimming with pride* see.. i can do it! and i love my SC tutor. she is so nice. she din flunk anyone for our mid term essay, even the one who wrote 4-6 lines. haven gotten it back yet but that piece of news is comforting enuf. whez.. outta here.


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